Date 3rd January 2020; Time 6:42pm

Leads me, O leads me to calvary, to see where my Saviour died, leads me to calvary where he shed his blood. leads me to calvary to hear my savior say it is finish, the price for my redemption is paid in full.

Leads me, O Leads me to Calvary, where my Savior was nail to a cross, where a crown of torn was place on his head, when he ask for water, they give him vinegar to drink, Leads me to calvary to see how my savior was mock, he was spit upon, he was shame and disgrace for you and me so he can redeem us and bring freedom to our life.

Leads me to calvary to see the helpless state of Jesus, they divided is cloths among themselves, they accused him of being king of the Jews, they accused him of being the son of God by saying if you are truly son of God come down from the cross.

Leads me to Calvary to hear the agony of Jesus when he cry out and said my God, my God why have you forsaken me. then Jesus cry again with a loud voice then he died giving up his life so he can purchased us out of the grip of Satan.

written by Parnella Cain

Publish by the desk of WOMEN OF VIRTUE

Dangerous Parthner

I was searching for answer, as a christian I was told that the Bible have all the answer to our questions, so I began to search, but I could not find what I want so I go to the internet for help, and I found the story of Ahab and Jehoshaphat in this article called Danderous Parthner.

I am satisfy in the answer the story can be found in 2 Chronicles 18, the answer that I was looking for is found in chapter 19 verse 2.

My story, in my country we are dealing with a very serious situration where same sex are trying to change the laws of our land so they can get married, which is an abomination, the congregation that I am a part of, plan a march to demonstrate against such action, but before our march, there was another march against the same topic, my evangelist was invited to march with this group, I disagree, but many of the members agree, he and his family went on the march,the saying that the topic is a public one and it will affects every one, that might be true in a sence, but I still disagree that members of Church of Christ should march with Denominational religious organization, even though it is for a right cause.

What does Denominational stand for divison, the Church had been divided into many fragments is this pleasing to God, was this the picture Jesus was looking for when he established his Church, his last prayer was for unity that all who believe in him will be one, we saw the oneness with the early Church, while the power of the Holy Spirit was with them they continue in the oneness set a strong foundation for the Church, thank be to them, the Church is still standing today, for Jesus makes a statement in Matthews 16: 18,19; that the gates of hell will not prevail against his Church, for it is the place of safety for all who will obey the plan for their salvation.

There were seperation from the way of God, and today we have many fagmentation of that seperation, professing that they are working for God, but God plan for our Salvation they tamper with and that means they can’t enter into the Church that was ectablished by Jesus, for they fail to obey Jesus and obey Satan instead and establish an army for Satan working for Satan again Christ and his Church using the same Bible, but use it incorrectly. 2 Timothy 2: 15 said we must righty divided the word of truth, chapter 4, said the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, they turn away from the truth, but we are warned to be watchful in all things, endue afflictions do the work of an evangelist and fulfill our mission. I hope this will shed some light that the church that Jesus build by the shedding of his blood to redeem lost souls so they can find safety in his Church.

Put together by the desk of women of virtue, written by

Marcel kane

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